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Request for Proposal

We seek a partner to build a website within the next 3-6 months. Our budget is . The response to this RFP is expected on or before .

Thank you for interest in our RFP. We look forward to your response.

File Requirements

Should you have any questions regarding this RFP, please send them to the email address above.

If your RFP is too large to email, please provide a download link, i.e. Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

High-Level Project Summary

The core function of the new website will be marketing our firm.

The website will be organized as a a single destination.

The website will be centrally controlled and updated.

The website is currently live and functional.

The current website will continue to use its current Content Management System.

As part of this partnership, we will expect our Partner to work with us to identify areas of improvement, and to make suggestions based on past experience.

The Project

Strategy & Planning

The project will start with a strategic planning phase.

  • The selected Partner will work with our team to:

    1. Gather key requirements for the site.
    2. Identify the expected users of the site.
    3. Define how they will use the site (i.e. user journeys).
    4. Perform competitive/peer group research in order to understand user expectations.
    5. Define key conversion opportunities.
    6. Define key success metrics and performance indicators.

Design & Branding Requirements

To meet our design requirements, we expect our Partner to provide design services

The design partner will take the findings of the Strategy Phase and progressively create an attractive, modern design for the website.

We have existing brand resources and a style guide.

  • The Partner will work with existing brand assets, as defined in our style guide, to guide the design process.

  • Please outline your design approach, and typical processes and artifacts that might be produced:

    1. Sketching and whiteboard sessions.
    2. Wireframe development.
    3. Low-resolution interactive prototype designs in a prototyping tool like InVision, Framer, Adobe XD.
    4. Higher-resolution final visual and interactive designs.
  • Please also identify how design feedback will be gathered.

Technology Requirements

Backend & CMS

The platform will feature a Content Management System, or CMS. We will need a new CMS.

  • The CMS should:

    1. Be capable of reaching thousands of readers/visitors per month.
    2. Support monthly updates with new content.
    3. Support an editorial team consisting of 1-5 people.
    4. Publish to one site.
    5. Integrate with one or two external services for analytics along with other third party solutions.
    6. We strongly prefer existing, off-the-shelf solutions for content management. We have a strong preference for as the core CMS platform.

The website will use the default search built into our CMS.

  • Please outline how your firm approaches would create a compelling search experience.

We seek the following features:

Please describe your approach to authentication and login, as well as your recommendations given the above requirements.

Site Taxonomy & Content Strategy

Our content will be partially migrated.

Please describe your overall approach to creating useful site taxonomies and structure, and how you will ensure that the site is easy to use and that content can be discovered.

  • Please describe how you would define a content strategy for the site, including but not limited to:

    1. Content audit and overview of content across sites.
    2. Content inventory and detailed analysis of content and media types.
    3. Content migration plan.
    4. Overall content strategy.
    5. Editorial strategy for future content development.
    6. Editorial workflow implementation around author, editor, contributor permissions, etc.
    7. Editorial calendar for determining velocity.
    8. Content and editorial staffing recommendations, where appropriate.
Content Types
Front-End & User Experience

The core platform will be exposed as HTML+CSS web pages

  • The web pages that are produced by the CMS should be built using clean, semantically valid HTML and CSS.
  • Where appropriate, JavaScript can be used to enhance user experience.
  • The site should be responsive and adapt to different sizes.
  • We expect our users to be primarily on mobile devices.
  • The full front-end experience should be available on modern desktop browsers.
  • HTML pages should be highly responsive and work at multiple screen resolutions and on multiple platforms, including small phones, small and large tablets, laptops, and desktop screens.

E-Commerce Functionality

The site does not require e-commerce platform.

Analytics, Integrations, Marketing & SEO

Third-Party Analytics

The site will include a common analytics platform. We prefer Google Analytics.

The site should also support:


We plan to integrate with third-party marketing automation platforms.

Integrations include:

Please describe any relevant experience or best practices around integrating third-party APIs.


We plan to market the site using third-party platforms.

  • We will be marketing the site using the following platforms:

    Please describe relevant experience in implementing and measuring conversions with advertising networks at top-of-funnel.


It is our goal for the site to have prominent placement in search results.

Please describe your strategy for maintaining SEO rankings with a new platform.

The website will integrate with third-party SEO platforms, like Moz or BrightEdge.

Please describe your overall strategy for implementing an SEO strategy.

Social Media and Syndication

We will syndicate to:


Content on the site will be made available in English.

Advertising Integration

The site will not feature advertising/native content.

Data Migration

We will require:

Launch & Post-Launch Support

Please briefly describe an ideal launch for this product.

We expect to manage support in-house.

Partner Overview

Please provide basic information about your firm including:

  • The name of your firm.

  • A brief description of the firm, including:

    1. The types of services your firm delivers.
    2. The number of employees.
    3. Location(s) of offices.
    4. Where your firm is registered.
    5. Insurance carried (errors and omissions, etc.)

Cadence, Communication, and Process

Please describe the process you use to develop software, i.e. agile, continuous integration, etc.

  1. How are issues/challenges raised with clients?
  2. How is scope managed?
  3. How are change orders managed?

Please describe the process you use to communicate with clients about progress. We would prefer an open conversation channel, i.e. Slack.

Will we have a primary point of contact? What role will that person have?

Outsourcing & Subcontracting

We are planning to work with a single Partner.

Please describe where and when your firm uses overseas labor, and how communication is managed between your firm, the overseas employees/partner, and with clients.

Please describe any subcontracting relationships you would expect to enter into in order to meet the requirements of this RFP.

Relevant Work

Please provide any examples of relevant work, including case studies, testimonials, or related materials that demonstrate expertise at solving

Team & Costs

Please describe the team roles of the people on this project.

Please outline the structure of the team for this project.

Please outline all costs associated with the project.

Please describe the basic fee structure used by your firm.

We would prefer a delivery-based billing structure for this project.

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